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Aug 26th, 2014: Take Down of Chat Room

Yesterday David took over the chat room that we had created to communicate with players who were banned, deleted, muted, or just wanted to vent about Davids
outrageous behaviour as GM of the Ironfell game. He spammed, and removed all our comments as well as using it as a place to harass me and insult and threaten my family.

I am shutting that one down, and putting a better one up here on my website that he cannot abuse.
I am sorry that I allowed him to do that, fighting back as best I can.
You should be able to speak freely and disagree with a game owner, especially if they are abusing their privilege and position.
New chat page available... I can control better and not allow trolls or GM David abuse., YEAH!

Aug 26th, 2014: Another email from a player

I was enheartened this morning though at least, to find yet another letter in my email box, I have not been sharing all of these on here like I intended, having not enough time, but here is the latest:
(Name removed so he is not deleted, muted, or banned from within the game in revenge by David)
  Dear falazar,

You probably don't know me, I'm just some guy who plays Ironfell, ********. I just wanted to mail u to say that 
I hope you are okay, honestly. I don't fully know what's going on between u and the gm, but from what I can see, 
he really doesn't have any evidence for what he is saying. I don't know who hacked who or what, its some serious 
shit and I really hope you are okay. Just wanted to say that I hope u are okay. And that's all man, hope u are okay 


Thanks for the note man, I am feeling better this morning, last night was rough.

Aug 25th, 2014, Hacked Website and Personal Data

Much of my data and website was lost due to the hacks of the past week, I cannot get it back, screenshots and text of GM David Colquon being abusive, cussing and insulting me and others is no longer available, many people witnessed the events though.

My personal and family affairs have been hacked into and spread through with the GM, and he is using them now to harass me daily.

Hacking Allegations, Proof Requested, Aug 14th

If the owner of GM David is unable to provide the hacking evidence he continues to accuse me of,
then I think my case is made at this point.
Time to put-up or shut-up
One of us is lying,
I am perfectly willing to risk jail time to support the truth, if he has some accusations against me.

I do NOT like being called a liar, I do NOT like being called a criminal! That is unacceptable to me.

James Ratcliff - Falazar in game.
(*Update: David has on several occasions, even in a formal letter to the lawyer refused to give ANY proof whatsoever of me hacking any servers or sites. *)


So GM trashed the entire game and tried to blame me again:

After an hour or two he went back and deleted the positive posts :P

I was banned cause he got annoyoed, unfairly, EVERYONE aroudn me was banned, DD for being a friend, and dont even know why Kintama got banned today, he wasnt even involved. DD tried two fake characters out, and they BOTH got instantly DELETED when attacking DaButlers crew. He has more to say on that though. As far as the "hacking" and stuff goes, its just crazy. I was at a 48-hour film festival, and there are a ton of witnesses to that. I will not be accused of crimes and lied to.

To chat with and exchange emails with friends come here please:

(You can scroll up in the chat for several hours to get information, all public and open, David cannot remove)

Gawadroit has already removed David from the Ironfell Forums as well, so he couldnt delete or change those.
Here is a video of some of what transpired.

Sorry just threw all that on there in two seconds, as I am out to dinner
I will try and have a sworn statement from the Organizer of the 48-hour film festival by tonight.

Actually wife just showed me picture of us at the film festival, adding that on here now.

I will try and get a copy of the game, but not sure, will see what can transpire.

Many have already joined another game called Tribal Wars:
I will start a group there, with just a few players we could really do some damage.

I am very sorry to see him make that decision, Falazar
Need a way to add comments on here, dunno.

Ironfell, in a week

Day 1: I restart, yeah, am allowed to play.... wait... I cant talk or see the chat. Oh crap. So much for helping newbies. Or talking to allies.

Day 2: I post some signs for newbies, and asking questions.... ooops all signs are now blank, Falazar May Not Post Signs Again, not even to newbies, insincerely, The GM (AKA GOD)

Day 3: Hmm wait, oh crap, if anyone trades me, the trades just go away, into thin air. They have written the GM, the GM is not caring, all trades gone.

Day 4: Buy resoruces, well, if you cant trade, and you are a month behind cause the GM deletes you, you gotta buy some resources. Sucks, and ironic paying money TO the guy trying to destroy you, but such is life in Ironfell. Wait, recheck stats...... 1.5 million wood, suddenly gone... Nicely file a report with the GM to have the resources returned.... cricket cricket.... no repli4es forthcoming days later. They say to file a fraud complaint... eck, sigh, yuck. maybe have to.

Day 5: My Queen dear god. It appears the GM has stooped to raping and murdering my queen... sitting alone in my safe home realm, where only the GM and I have access to her, she is suddenly dead... Ask the GM for assistance... HAHAHAHH thats funny.

Day 5: After defending against a large attack from Scorcher and CanonSamij, who have procalaimed to want to run a player out of the game (irony again) Lothar Kurenn et all are SILENCED permanently as well. See Lothars Story, below

Day 6: So, I have played now for a WHOLE 5 days, Aug 5th starting date, just checked my email. How long do universities stay alive....? Well for most people, 2 weeks, check out mine though..... suddenly and magically (think vindictive GM) they are all dead) These were paid for by $$$ sadly, and I have not EXISTED in the world for 2 weeks, this is a blatant attack FROM the GM, who is not supposed to do this to players...... Me today, you tomorrow?

Screenshot proof attached, irrefutable this time: Original Colleges, still alive, ALL Universities, DEAD.

Day 7: More twittering from GM, and middle of battle...... ding - Zero all resources..... So, have to say, I have paid $200 sadly in resources this week, to try and catch up for a month long head start of others.... not really worth it but didnt want to be huuuuugely behind, and needed stuff since David (GM first name) blocked all my trades. So of that 200 I now own 200 iron or so, and David has taken the rest. PayPay save me please from the GM, or at least return. *sigh* I've never really had problems like this from a game before, even when on top.

Coming Soon: DD's Story:

Needed: Kurenns Version:

Slickas Sobs
Comments from Texas Gaming group:

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Lothar's Story:

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Since it has been, what, nearly 10 years? jeez...
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